Introducing a new series at Transparence Entertainment Group: #MUSICED! #MUSICED is a weekly series that will help YOU stay educated about the complexities of the music industry, giving you everything you need to know about monetizing your masters. On this week’s #MUSICED, we discuss royalties and neighboring rights!

Neighboring rights, also known as related rights, are performance royalties generated from the recorded master of a copyrighted song. While performance rights are the rights to broadcast a musical composition in public, neighboring rights are the payments that are due to the specific owners of each recording for the same public performance. In this case, the owners of the recording are usually the artist or label associated with each work. Essentially, whenever an audio recording is played on the radio, on TV, in a bar, at a concert, or in any other live setting, the recording’s artist(s) and/or label is due neighboring rights. However, in the US, there is not a true neighboring right. Terrestrial radio (AM/FM radio) does not currently compensate recording artists (only songwriters). However there are payments for rights holders and performers for satellite and digital radio broadcasts. At TEG, we make sure that our clients can become aware of their rights and reap all of the benefits they deserve.