Jammcard does it again, starting the year off with a bang, hosting the first JammJam of the year featuring Robin Thicke, The Soul Rebels, Chika Oranika, The Truth Band, Black Daddy, Larry Cox and more!  Let’s just start off by saying, Live House was live Tuesday evening! As Hollywood gets ready for the Oscars, the music industry came together to vibe out with event host, JammCard.

From Chika showcasing her raw flow, to singing to the one and only Lauren Hill’s ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off You’, to Robin Thicke dancing on the Piano, to bands going in on the drums, horns, and guitars, you could say the audience’s souls were definitely filled with the universal language — music.

“I think it was a great night… it’s always nice to have a night dedicated to musicians and vocalists as well. It’s like a big living room and you get to see all your friends. I think it’s what the music community needed and its growing.” two-time award Grammy winner, Keith Harris said. “It’s normally more about the artist, but here it’s more about the musicians which I like, and it’s more unique and I always like coming out to support.”

Jammcard is an app that provides a unique professional network for the music industry providing private events, blogs, and original content to highlight their members within the music community. JammJam is one of the special events that the company hosts that brings together some of the hottest musicians around to participate, play, meet and greet, network and support each other at these uniquely inspirational live pop-up jam sessions.

The next event has yet to be released, however, if you’d like to apart of the next one, make sure to check out the website or download the app, there are two ways to ensure you don’t miss the next one!