Transparence Entertainment Group and our partners would love to share our compelling panel idea that we find essential for music creators attending South by Southwest (SXSW). We will discuss protecting performance rights and monetizing performances on recordings, demonstrate the importance of registering correct and complete metadata for recordings, and provide the resources required to acquire worldwide royalties with expedited and transparent payments.  We are working with incredible speakers who will provide vital lessons on securing your fair share.

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How to Secure the Bag – Exploring untapped revenue

According to industry, sources artists have been losing out on billions of dollars globally due to inaccurate metadata, be it for 1 song or 50! Today music creators wear multiple hats while juggling the business of music. Due to this pressure, importance of metadata implementation is lost, royalties that may be due are unattainable, and access to information about how & where users are listening to music is limited. When music is streamed, downloaded, broadcast or played live, there are royalties to be collected for the actual performance in a sound recording payable to copyright owners & performers as well as those for songwriters & publishers. Explore untapped revenues you likely aren’t collecting and how to secure your fair share. Money Sounds Good, Right?

Bruce Waynne, Vice President, Transparence Entertainment Group

Ann Tausis, Managing Director, KNRLKobalt 

Michael Shanley, Vice President & Head of Business DevelopmentMusic Reports

Sharaya J, Artist/Rapper/Rightsowner/Songwriter/ChoreographerSharaya J

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